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The Plotholders' Committee

This committee comprises up to fourteen tenants who manage the day-to-day affairs of the site.


Plotholder Position Plot(s)
Dylan Baxendale Sheds 180
Jenny Bourne Social Secretary 27f, 28b
Theo Christophers   148
David Harnden Chair 152
Gill Hiley Lettings 50
Christine Knight 82
David Lainchbury 131f, 132b
David Laughrin Secretary 19
Karen Saywell Vice Chair, Inspections 81f, 81b
Martin Scotton Rents 59
Andrew Stanley Treasurer 120
Christine Thorpe 49
Anne Wingrove Café Manager 127b


The Management Committee

(to be updated following meeting 20th November 2019)

This committee is composed of tenants and council appointees who set the rents and liaise with outside bodies.


Council appointees Position  
Monica Saunders Vice-chair  
Jim Millard Vice-chair  
Robin Brown    
Kate Howard    


Plotholder Position Plot(s)
Nick Baylis Chair 110f
Janet Baylis Secretary 11110f
Susan Saunders   56
Andrew Stanley   49
David Harnden   152


Site office


A member of the Plotholders’ Committee is on duty every Sunday between 11am and 12noon. He or she is based in the seed store cafe.


Please visit the contact page for email addresses to get in touch with the committee.