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2019 AGM

First Aid on site

No Bonfires

Plant Disease Alert

Coronavirus and the RPA

The government has specifically included working on allotments as one of the forms of exercise we are allowed to do once a day under the lockdown rules. Of course, fighting the spread of coronavirus has to be the priority, so we are asking all plotholders to follow these rules, to ensure your safety and that of others:

  • Use gloves while opening and closing the vehicle gate or pedestrian door.
  • Keep a 2 metre distance between yourself and other plotholders and only go onto your own plot. In these exceptional circumstances, only plotholders – and not friends – should visit the allotments.
  • If you have children, ensure they follow these rules.
  • Do not let unknown people onto the site.
  • Follow any new government guidelines.

Any plotholder with particular needs is welcome to contact the Plotholders Committee via email ( or by dropping a note in the shed letterbox.

Some plotholders need to drive to the allotments because of distance or because of difficulties in walking or cycling. Please help ensure that there are enough parking spaces at the allotments for these people by either walking or cycling or finding a parking space outside the allotments.

Since plotholders can no longer meet up at the café or social events, we have set up a new forum for the exchange of news and views. Please restrict the discussions to topics directly relevant to the allotments and ensure your contributions are courteous and pleasant. Click on this link to register:

This RPA website will carry the latest news and announcements, so do use it to keep up-to-date. And please do contact the Plotholders Committee if you are worried that any plotholder, especially the elderly, has been left out of the loop.

Thank you all for your help in getting through these difficult times. If we remain sensible and follow the health guidance, we can help contain the coronavirus and still enjoy fruit and veg from our plots.

Plotholders Committee

March 2020

Important announcement about Coronavirus (COVID-19) temporary arrangements

Please note that the Plotholders’ Committee has decided with great regret to close the Seed Store (Office and Café) on Sundays until further notice.

This is the result of the Government’s firm advice to avoid gatherings of this kind. It would not be fair to put our wonderful volunteers there and fellow Plotholders at greater risk.

Click here to read more.

Temporary Arrangements for new plot applicants

To people wanting to apply for an allotment – we are still welcoming applications for plots but for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak we are having to close our office, so please contact us through the website rather than visit the site.

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Water at the RPA. What does the future hold?

Water at the RPA. What does the future hold?

Climate scientists tell us that we can expect more extreme weather events in future.

Hot dry summers interspersed with areas of very low pressure and torrential downpours may well become the norm. Whether or not there is immediate cause for concern about the supply of water at the Paddocks Allotment site, climate change will almost certainly prove challenging to both commercial growers and plot holders alike.

The small “Water Group” that was set up in Spring 2019 has attempted to look at how we might respond to these challenges.

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Rescheduled -  Plotholders’ Question Time

Plotholders' Question Time

Rescheduled - Plotholders’ Question Time

Sunday 19 April 12.30 – 1.30pm

This event was originally scheduled for 9th February and was rescheduled following Storm Ciara.

Come along with your questions for our panel of home-grown experts to mull over.

Click here for more details.

What is this life, if full of care.... butterflies and pond life

What is this life, if full of care.... butterflies and pond life

This blog is going to focus only on all the positives – what’s going on in the natural world on and around our allotments site this early springtime. So many funny, witty, inventive, thought provoking and inspirational video posts on my WhatsApp from choir members and ex-colleagues, keeping spirits up through the first week and into the second of lockdown.

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Seed Store cafe welcome sign

Seed Store cafe

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, and delicious homemade cakes.
Open every Sunday:
11am - 12:30pm

Allotment main entrance - unlocked padlock

Waiting list now open

Do you want to put your name down for a plot? Click here to find out how.

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