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Coronavirus rules

Date posted: Monday 1st June 2020

We are modifying the rules covering the allotments during the coronavirus pandemic: allotment members can now bring in non-plotholders to help them on their plots. Please continue to observe the rules on distancing (keeping at least two metres apart) and hygiene (wearing gloves when going in and out of the entrance door and vehicle gate, using the pumps and when touching any surface likely to be touched by others).

The new rules are as follows:
• Use gloves while opening and closing this gate/door or using the pumps.
• Keep a 2 metre distance between yourself and other plotholders and only go onto your own plot.
• Non-plotholders may accompany you to help on your plot, but please ensure they follow these rules. This also applies to children.
• Do not let unknown people onto the site.

The decision to allow plotholders to bring in family or friends to help reflects the changes in government policy, as well as the fact that some plotholders need help with physical tasks such as digging or watering during this dry spell. However, we ask you to follow the spirit of the rules and keep this to a minimum. It is not yet the time to use your plot for a social gathering, or to test your friends’ eyesight, or anything not connected to the cultivation of your plot. Please walk or cycle to the allotments if you can, to ensure there are enough spaces for those who can only get to the allotments by car.

We would like to thank the great majority of our plotholders, who have followed the safety rules and shown a real spirit of neighbourliness in helping others. Some may feel these rules are over-restrictive, but please remember there are other plotholders who feel very differently, many of whom are in high-risk groups.
Plotholders Committee
June 2020

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